She and i don’t exist

As i sit here, staring through the window of infinite opportunities, i reflect about the unlimited possibilities that escaped my existence; then i realize that i am simply haunted by time.

I walk through the garden of my mind and i see me looking back at a person i wanted to be but is impossible to be!
I sing the song of eternal yearn and love but my heart is an empty cup of life and death.
I walk some more and i see myself hodling her hand, but she does not exist, she is a memory that never happened but haunts my life.
She is dressed in a black veil, smiling but tears are falling through her rose cheeks, like water flows around the glossy skin of a mermaid. But the mermaid dives deep into the abyss, the veil falls like leaves of one dying summer.

She leaves and i hysterically fall into moments of panic & solitude as if i was an instrument that was struck once by a master player, but then the master vanished! and while the dust gathers in the rusty edges the echo of the first symphony still repeats.

But i break the shackles of mental disability, i swing a deadly arrow at the laughing soldier of fate and go running through the godly feast of freedom and non-stirred fortunes

As i look through the window of eternal opportunities, i see the lights escape me while drawing the last words of goodbyes in the black beveled clouds, like a kid with a chalk, an empty board and a formidable pure imagination.


Time is running away.  Souls are crippling with burdening sensation of inadequate illusionary responsibility. All fades away except the responsibility of stripping our angry ignorant spirits in front of the undermined amazing creation. Escape to the ends and corners of the desired lost fate while your present becomes unrelated to a state of confusionism and  hate. i cannot relate …. to myself…this innate ambiguous thought of masquerading an emotionless escalating unknown character. It is a mere love of pain that stops me from loving!