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Celestial update

Dear Mom I thought that I should write to you to give you an update about myself. Ive grown, I feel the burden of life settling on me. I never knew how much worry and weight you held off my back until you left. You did all that with your wisdom and love. I still […]

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Dear MOM, If ink was the blood you needed to live, i would have written the poem of infinity. If thoughts would bring back the smell f your cheeks, i would have rethought this entire existence a million times over. If prayers would bring back a sight of your glossy smooth skin, i would have […]

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Anatomy of Death

Sunday – may – 21 – 11:39am Where does one’s spirit go? There you are, the person I love the most, I’ve idealized the most, I’ve crystallized into a goddess, I’ve engraved in my heart, soul, thoughts, deeds and every waking moment of my life. Lying there, breathless, soulless, smiling, sad, as if you’ve mourned […]

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I waited for you

May-18-2017 – 6:05am In bed, head deep into a dream of inverse reality. I waited for your smooth sway in the house makes up my oxygen to stay alive. I waited for your soft voice that song the eternal remedy for my life despair. I waited for your soft touch to tap my shoulder and […]

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The Question Dilemma

What are you creating? moments of happiness for yourself, for others, things, energy, power, time. It does not matter. The essence of things is not what you think it is, it is in fact the complete opposite of everything you ever thought it was! If you ask how and why, existence will tell you not […]

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She and i don’t exist

As i sit here, staring through the window of infinite opportunities, i reflect about the unlimited possibilities that escaped my existence; then i realize that i am simply haunted by time. I walk through the garden of my mind and i see me looking back at a person i wanted to be but is impossible […]

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Some people figure out the essence of the world traveling,

others do it sitting in their dark room thinking about the world.

Life Struggle

The worst people,

teach you the best lessons!


Very, very few unlock the essence of existence

the rest have no fuckin clue!

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The smallest things in your life

are what makes the biggest difference!

Happiness Life

I love how my pen runs after me

While i run after my thoughts

Homesickness Insight Life

Some people are simply engraved in our hearts!

And everyone else we meet proves that.

Insight Life Success Time

Judging by first impression

is one form of oppression

Insight Life Love

If you love nature, you should love its disasters!

Insight Life

There is a fine line

between being and not being at all!

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What’s happened!

Feel as if the world has lost its meaning withing the depth of materialism and every day life struggle. And we are a part of it. We cannot escape the fact that we are stuck, stuck, carried, affected, infected with the latest contagious material objects. Back in the day, an idea will make you stay […]