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Celestial update

Dear Mom I thought that I should write to you to give you an update about myself. Ive grown, I feel the burden of life settling on me. I never knew how much worry and weight you held off my back until you left. You did all that with your wisdom and love. I still […]

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Homesickness- It keeps on coming back

Each time i’m alone, soul tired and mind intoxicated by the prolonged dreams of progress, it hits me, like a withdraw from a bad addiction or a strong headache after a bottle of cheap scotch. Shame on a country that separates parents and siblings, friends and memories, loved ones and chirpy feelings of soul surrender […]

Happiness Homesickness Time

Create pinpoints in your life you can revisit

when you close your eyes and watch your past slips through quicker than a flash!

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Some people are simply engraved in our hearts!

And everyone else we meet proves that.