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In the midst of chaos, internal and external, i see myself gaze at the noise around me, without any purpose or reason. Nothing is justified beyond my capacity to comprehend it with my limited sense of self and sense of consciousnesses. I find my struggle for success or self sustainability contradicting. There are things i […]

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Rain and Her

The bell rings, the light drizzle of rain slowly massages your cheeks while cleaning your pure guilt from tormented passions. You walk fast as the rain gets heavier and the bell is about to finish its cycle, and there it is, one beautiful piece of existence, sitting on the side of a curb staring at […]

Happiness Insight Life

Some people figure out the essence of the world traveling,

others do it sitting in their dark room thinking about the world.

Happiness Homesickness Time

Create pinpoints in your life you can revisit

when you close your eyes and watch your past slips through quicker than a flash!

Happiness Life

I love how my pen runs after me

While i run after my thoughts

Confusion Happiness

Ride the music!

it’s the quickest way to get to places you once been