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Rain and Her

The bell rings, the light drizzle of rain slowly massages your cheeks while cleaning your pure guilt from tormented passions. You walk fast as the rain gets heavier and the bell is about to finish its cycle, and there it is, one beautiful piece of existence, sitting on the side of a curb staring at […]

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My holiday tips:

If you had a goal in 2012, keep pursuing it in 2013. Never quit! If you have a problem with someone, bury the hatchet! life works against you when you hate Eat healthy, work out Maintain your sense of humor, life is prettier this way Last but not least, appreciate the quality people in your […]

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The ticks of the clock falls from the flow of eternity and breaks, awakening the deep worries buried within the deepest corners of the ignorant soul. The consistent tries to make thing work in a fascinating way has turned into an effective tool to craft lines on the present so that tears find their ways […]