My First New Post

This is my first new post on my new site!

i love writing!  there is a substantial experience that typing can never replace. When your pen touches the soft, blank paper that is dying to acknowledge the true spririt behind you, without casting a judgment or correcting mistakes that could only be a reflection of a confused state of mind. Pen and paper has been my ultimate companions since my childhood, and while each person, at the end of the day, have nowhere to go but his own tortured thoughts,  pen and paper is the closest something or someone will ever get to you. Will digital replace any of that exclusivness that those tools have on us? maybe some, but not for the most part. A paper belongs to you, a digital paper does not, it is a concept, the physical aspect of it has no direct link to it whatsoever. A hard dive will never mean a diary, or a book! you are never scared to write on a paper, as it is private. A private post on the net exist only in the minds of those who are confused between the realities of the world we live in.

At the end of this, and just a welcome note and a commitment that i will make to myself, and that is not to be afraid to write every bit f thought or emotion going through my ” mind”, i will also try to leave some the mistakes that came from a an unconsiouc state of logic flow. Or simply a word that i will always confuse: unconsciouc…….


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